A comfy restaurant near the Naruto whirlpools an amazing natural view where you can enjoy one of the best burgers Awaji has to offer.

When visiting Awaji there is something that you will notice, there is a lot of Onions and for good reason the Awaji Onions are good the best in japan as I heard also the beef is good as good as the Kobe beef and if you visited japan before you would know how valuable the Kobe beef is so when visiting this wonderful little island you need to try out dishes made with these delicious ingredients so where to visit to enjoy one of the best dishes that this island has to offer I can recommend you a place not only it has one the best burgers you can find in the world but also it has a one of a kind view the Awaji Onion kitchen if you are a gourmet enthusiast and want to visit the most unique restaurants in the world this place is definitely for you.

The Onion kitchen is known for its Awaji beef burger, it was selected as the best burger in Tottori burger Festa, made with organic Awaji ingredients the Awaji beef and the Awaji onions, it’s made with a fluffy bun made with a special dough, onion and tomato Sause made specially to highlight the beef and fried onion but the Awaji beef burger is not the only dish on the menu there are more interesting burgers, one of the best onion rings you can find in the island and for desert you can try the onion ice cream, weird flavor but with the sweetness of the Awaji onion it works so well.

To compliment the taste of this great food you can enjoy a unique view, one of the best things about the Onion kitchen is it location, it is close to the Awaji Tokushima bridge the location of the famous Naruto whirlpools, while enjoying the beef burger you can fest your eyes  on the view of the giant Naruto whirlpools under the bridge they are made by the large volumes of water moving between the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean between high and low tide, combined with the unique underwater geography of the narrow strait.

They don’t happen all day they appear twice a day once in the morning and the afternoon, so you need to check the times before to find the best time coming here. These whirlpools can go to up 20 meters in diameters in peak conditions and can be viewed from the balcony of the restaurant.

To conclude the Onion kitchen is an amazing tourist attraction that combines a one of kind gourmet experience and the wonders of nature and is defiantly a destination for gourmet and nature enthusiast alike.

Location: 947-22 Fukura, Awaji city, Hyogo prefecture

Contact information:  0799-52-1157


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