The popular monkey center was established in 1967 and its located on the east side(Wild life conservation zone) of Kashiwara Mountain in Sumoto city on Awaji Island hyogo prefecture just few meters from the ocean. Visiting monkey center also provides tourist with an amazing opportunity to drive around the Kashiwa mountain of Awaji Island.

The center currently houses about 300 monkeys and some deer. It plays several roles which include Tourism, wildlife photography, and documentary.The center welcomes tourists ranging fromfamily to researchers to students in the field of botany, forestry, veterinary and zoology. However, apart from the point, the center also serves the public as a leisure place to experience nature and see monkeys and plants in their natural habitat. It is necessary to make a reservation of the facility for video documentary and photography most especially with high lens camera. The monkeys are gentle, accommodative and very sociable giving you the chance to walk among the troop without the monkeys jumping all over you or forcing access to your possession. The center staff are well trained to receive, guide and give tourist a special treat and wonderful experience of the facility

The monkeys are raised in a free range system which gives room for independence and feeding on surrounding trees and others insects. At the center the visitors are given an  opportunity to feed the monkeys in a close net and interact with them.

The center is also strategically located for visitors to experience the beautiful scenery of the ocean and the Nushima Island which is considered as one of the mythological origin of Japan. It is however important to know that there is also a small convenience store where people can access varieties of Monkey teddy bears and other souvenirs.

The monkeys come down from the mountain in the morning and return to the mountain in the eveningaround17 pm. They are fed with is wheat, groundnut, soybean, sweet potato, etc., and sometimes it mixes seasonal fruits. Their feeding habit also changes with the seasons as most of the monkeys will prefer to stay on the mountain during the cold season.

The center also provides information and collaborate with local transport agent to provide a tour service around the mountain and Sumoto city.

Conclusively, Monkey center is surely a place be during your off day, holiday, vacation to have memorable experience of nature and scenery of the mountain and the ocean.


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